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How Can We Help You Protect The Environment?



Our sustainability experts support people and organisations to make their buildings environmentally friendly. Specialising in themes within the built environment, we deliver advice, decision support tools, technical papers and much more.

Our Vision

With our knowledge-centric ethos, we do more and go further than simply providing results from our wide range of scientific equipment. Building Research Solutions prides itself on delivering actionable intel to help a client, project or product work better and deliver more, using scientific rigour and results to help inform decisions. Science!

Sustainability made easy

Individually, our services can be employed at any stage of the construction life cycle to deliver the information that you need to make an impact. Our services page gives more information on how we can be involved in your project.

How we support you 

Together, our services provide a turnkey solution that, when added to your workflow, will continuously deliver actionable intel at each critical stage.

Our personality and people 

Our experts live and breathe everything environmentally sustainable and have done so for almost two decades. We are motivated to improve the exchange of knowledge within the construction and architecture sector, for the betterment of the environment and economy.

What we don’t provide 

We’re not certified to provide commissioning of Building Services (MEP). We don’t offer technical drawings for planning and building warrant consent.




Our Sustainability Expertise

Dr Jon Stinson


With almost two decades of experience in the field of Architectural Technology, Building Physics and Occupant Comfort and with six publications in energy efficiency for new housing and retrofit projects. If you want to evaluate the performance of your new or retrofitted building, Jon is the person to have as part of your team.

Dr Ruth Saint


Leading Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability projects. Ruth has extensive expertise in this area, having dedicated her academic and working life to understanding, researching, and positively impacting sustainability issues. Ruth has published several academic papers on whole life cycle sustainability, presented at Scotland’s Climate Assembly on the importance of embodied carbon, and published in “The Conversation” on the topic. She has also influenced updates to key European Standards in the field of sustainability of construction works. 



GDPR officer. Diligently guards the printer and controls handover of important sustainability expertise documents. Specialist in livening up online meetings and supporting staff mental health. Enjoys lounging in paw-jamas with a meow-tini.

Tatiana Huskova, BSc


A digital creative passionate about User experience and Product design. Recently graduated from Creative Computing, she is designing and developing an online, interactive dashboard by applying human-centred design.

Tobi Alonge, MSc


Tobi is passionate about creating intuitive and engaging interfaces by employing clean, elegant and uncluttered design language. With over eight years experience and a recently minted Masters from Edinburgh Napier University, he’s raring to take on your project.

Dr Shenando Stals


Lecturer and researcher with more that a decade of experience in user experience design. Shenando is the expert in all things UI and keeps us all straight as we develop products.

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