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Why flixo?

The thermal bridge analysis and reporting application.

  • Reliable, validated and refined since 1999.

    The software supports the new version of the standard EN ISO 10077-2 and corresponds to all current standards for calculating thermal bridging. For example, the new calculation method EN ISO 10077-2:2017 has been implemented by infomind in 2011. The building standard validation examples have been calculated using flixo among others.

  • Used by certifying bodies throughout Europe.

    Many certifying bodies in diverse countries like ift, BFH, ITC CNR or CSTB use flixo.

  • Unique reporting with auto created, custom designed reports.

    The software lets you create individual reports and see weak points with the help of isotherms, temperature curves and streamlines. You can create and use your own templates – like in Microsoft Office products. Several tools and wizards are available to help you to calculate key values and to visualise them in a customisable way.

  • Quickly arrive at the optimal solution.

    Input times are kept low by using CAD-based input methods, importing DXF-files and databases with more than 3000 materials, using boundary conditions and using components. The graphic display of results, the simple creating of variants in the same file as well as the custom designing of report pages lead to great, usable results in a short time.



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