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Flixo Energy: 2D thermal bridging analysis software designed to BS EN ISO 10211 can be used with conventions and guidance from BR497 and BRE IP 1/06 to calculate Psi values, temperature factors (fRsi), detailed U-values, and surface and interstitial condensation using %RH (hygrothermal).

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Why Flixo Energy?

Psi values

Flixo Energy allows you to model thermal bridges in junctions and joints for domestic and non-domestic buildings to calculate Psi values (W/mK). 

You can transfer the Psi value to any energy performance certification software (SAP, SBEM, DSM).

Temperature Factors (fRsi) and surface condensation risk

Flixo Energy enables the calculation of temperature factors (fRsi) which is a metric for risk of surface condensation. Flixo provides the ability to assess the construction detail for surface condensation and moisture zones based on ambient relative humidity.

2D Interstitial condensation analysis

With a few clicks, the impacts of interstitial condensation can be visualised, allowing for the assessment of membranes and the water vapour resistance factors of materials. A vapour diffusion (Glaser) model can be created, where levels of interstitial relative humidity are mapped over the construction detail.

3D equivalent tool and detailed U-value

Flixo Energy provides a 3D Equivalent Tool that allows for quick calculations for bridging materials. The Equivalent U-value Tool allows for the calculation of U-values of complex build-ups including repeating steel elements that bridge the build-up.

BS EN ISO 10211, BR497, BRE IP 1/06

Flixo Energy is designed to and complies with BS EN ISO 10211 and can be used for the calculation of Psi values and fRsi for compliance to PAS 2035 Scottish Building Standards Section 6, English Regulations Part L, Welsh Regulations Part L, and NI Regulations Part F. Thermal bridging details can be modelled to the conventions and guidance provided in BR497, BRE IP 1/06.

Optimize thermal bridges

With Flixo Energy thermal bridges can be visualised and quantified (heat flux, heat flow, and temperature gradient) at the planning stage to support design decisions and material specification.

DXF Import

Direct import of sections from all CAD programs, taking into account the layer properties.

Support & Training offered by BRS:

BRS will provide basic guidance i.e. reference to manual, links to external sources for modelling and calculations
IT support – installation
Training can be purchased for an extra fee >
With a “floating licence” BRS will provide support to a single point of contact for each organisation

Purchase and Installation Notes

  • A standalone annual licence is for installation on a physical computer and can only be used on that computer.
  • An annual floating licence is for installation on a physical server (it cannot be installed on a cloud-based server, e.g. SharePoint).
  • If you don’t have a server but would still like a floating licence, a dongle must be bought separately (at additional cost).
  • Flixo software is only supported on Windows OS, if using a Mac, a Virtual Machine/Parallels/remote desktop to a PC is required.
  • Annual licences take around one working day to process – please be patient. Note, if ordering on a Friday afternoon, weekend or bank holiday, the order will not be processed till the next working day.
  • If you have any questions or want to buy multiple licences (3 or more), please email info@brs.scot before purchase.

Helpful links

Existing Infomind customers

  • Existing Infomind customers who want to renew their annual licence, please go to Infomind
  • Existing Infomind customers who have a perpetual licence, please go to infomind.

Minimum computer specifications

  • Operating system: Windows 10 or 11. A Mac will require access to Windows OS, either virtual machine/environment, e.g. Bootcamp, Parallels Desktop, or Remote Access.
  • Virtual memory: minimum 8GB.
  • Hard memory storage: minimum 256GB.
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel i5, or similar.
  • Display: 1920 x 1080

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