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Building Performance

Are you a builder, developer or asset manager?

Do you want or need to know how eco-friendly your building is?

Using scientific apparatus, our building sustainability experts capture, analyse and interpret data measured in your existing building. As a result, we find out information on Life Cycle Assessment and energy performance of new buildings and of older ones being retrofitted.

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Are you an architect, surveyor, or planning your own build?

Do you want guidance and calculations to make sure you build to the latest regulations while keeping the planet happy?

We run desktop studies that evaluate the performance of the whole building, for part or the entirety of its life. We focus on material and technology specifications and energy efficiency; heat, power and water consumption. This We help you design the buildings that are best for the planet and the purse.


Ruth ↑


Leading Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability projects.

Ruth has extensive expertise in this area, having dedicated her academic and working life to understanding, researching and positively impacting sustainability issues. Ruth has published several academic papers on whole life cycle sustainability, presented at Scotland’s Climate Assembly on the importance of embodied carbon and published in The Conversation on the topic. She has also influenced updates to key European Standards in the field of sustainability of construction works.

Leading Architectural Technology and Operational Energy projects.

Jon’s 18 years of experience in Building Physics and Energy Ergonomics, and six publications on the topic of building performance and post occupancy evaluations, makes him the perfect person to talk to for supporting your new, low-energy designs and energy efficiency retrofit projects. Want to know more? check out our Building Performance and Asset Surveying service case studies.

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I carried out a project with BRS to derive international cooperation strategies in the sector of improving energy efficiency of residential buildings. Thanks to the outstanding abilities and passion of BRS researchers, we were able to finish the project well. 
I was worried at first because I had to carry out the project only by e-mail or video conferencing because of the coronavirus, but the project results were very satisfactory. In the whole process, BRS did its best and never broke its promise. 
If I have a chance, I would like to do another research project with BRS next time. I believe that BRS will develop more in the future. 

Minkyu Kim | Researcher | Korea Energy Economics Institute

BRS carried out a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for the NearHome project. The team produced a highly detailed report and were a key part of the delivery team, contributing to the entire scope of the project. The LCA was a complex piece of work which was carried out on time and on budget. 

Lynsey Bryson | Head of Digital Programmes | Built Environment – Sustainable Transition

We collaborated with BRS to explore the potential of converting the energy consumed by businesses in the Scottish Islands from thermal fossil fuels to blue and green hydrogen. BRS delivered excellent insights, which encompassed a comprehensive range of variables, clearly identifying the operational and whole life carbon reduction opportunities per building and for such innovative applications. It was a pleasure to work with BRS on such an innovative project.  

John Currie |Professor | Edinburgh Napier University Scottish Energy Centre


We are building sustainability experts, who understand your Building related challenges, using scientific methods to Research the cause and Solutions, and help you along the journey to improve your product, service and/or building.


We are your Research and Development team. Whatever challenge you are facing, if it is related to energy and sustainability in the built environment we are here to help.