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Asset Surveying

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How can we help you protect the environment?


Sustainability made easy

Whether you want some stunning aerial photographs or a 3D digital model, Asset Surveying introduces new technology to help you get a better picture of your buildings.

Our laser systems, infrared cameras and aerial drones allows us to scan your building, inside and out, to create a digital model from your physical building. Digitising your built assets provides you with the opportunity to design faster, reduce site visits, plan with greater accuracy and archive your projects with efficiency.

What are our asset surveying services?

  • InfraRed Thermographic Surveys
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) Surveys – PfCO Certified 
  • Building Information Modelling – Scan-to-BIM 
  • As-built Digital Twin

Who do we help?

  • Architectural Designers 
  • House Builders 
  • Civil Contractors 
  • Heritage Sector 
  • Conservation 
  • Social and Private Landlords 
  • Asset Managers

When do we help?

  • Concept Design 
  • Spatial Coordination 
  • Building Modelling 
  • Pre and Post Intervention Measurements

How have we helped?