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Environmental Services

How can we help you protect the environment?


Sustainability made easy

Our range of services cover all you might need to optimise your project. You can rest in the knowledge that our experience and scientific background will leave you with the best possible result.

Individually, our services can be employed at any stage of the construction life cycle to deliver the information that you need to make an impact.

Together, our services provide a turnkey solution that, when added to your workflow, will continuously deliver actionable intel at each, critical stage.

Sustainable Design


Sustainability at the design stage

Sustainable Design starts with investigating your architect’s design. We take your plans and we use calculations and software to workout the different possibilities to make the building as sustainable as it can be, over the full life of the building.

Building Performance 


Measuring your building’s sustainability

We use a wide range of building evaluation hardware to measure the performance of your existing building. This allows us to assess a range of energy efficiency retrofit measures to give you options for improving the building’s energy consumption.

Sustainable Communities


Measuring peoples’ perspective on the built environment

Our Sustainable Communities service allows us to engage with the people that mean the most to your project. We can gather the information that allows you to make informed decisions to improve your products, services, and designs

Asset Surveying


Drones, lasers and cameras to turn physical buildings into 3D models

Whether you want stunning areal photographs or a 3D digital model, Asset Surveying uses new technology to help you get a better picture. Digitising your buildings provides you with the opportunity to design faster, reduce site visits and plan with greater accuracy.

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