BRS joined Ryder Architecture on 1 October 2023.

Ryder’s growing sustainability team will be bolstered by BRS’s consultancy and research, enabling clients across the built environment to meet industry standards and carbon reduction goals, as well as pioneering solutions to improve products, services and building management of assets.

Jon and Ruth said: “BRS was built upon the guiding principle of demystifying operational and embodied carbon design solutions. The two are intrinsically connected – you can’t design for one without impacting the other. Ryder is at the forefront of embedding that principle across its design teams. Joining the practice allows us to support those teams more effectively, whilst amplifying the positive impacts that come with that. In house rapid prototyping of sustainable as designed options, and in situ building performance evaluation of as built assets will allow Ryder to keep providing solutions to the industry’s sustainability challenges.”

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